CSP Terms of Service (TOS):

1. Register for selected Concierge Service Packages (CSP) – Your Membership Subscription includes a stipulated service registration fee (non-refundable), with the remaining CSP Package Balances being held in escrow or deposit to off-set any 3rd party charges incurred on clients’ (your) behalf, or for off-set of outstanding commission balances.  All charges paid from this deposit must be reimburse from client accounts to keep this fund at the selected CSP Deposit Level.

2. All excess CSP Deposit Balances are held in credit on client’s account until the end of their CSP Services Agreement Period and are refunded after payment of all outstanding balances and close-out of accounts, or are defaulted in the case of termination by either party.

3. Our CSP provides estimated costs where possible for various services including Hotels, Transport, Auto Rentals and other amenities.  Since current cost for any service item may vary (increase) as we move closer to the carnival parade final days, various Service Provider Companies’ final product or service charges can only be finalized upon confirmation of bookings.  In cases where the current cost of items are not readily available, a $0.00 (zero) cost may be reflected for the item and current costs will be sourced and provided to clients with possible recommendations or alternatives for client’s final decision. (Note that this service may attract modest facilitation and communication charges).

4. Our CSP Commissions and Fees range between 8% to 12% of cost for requested items, goods and services.  A default commission charge of 10% is applied to the total Shopping-Cart on Check-Out and applied on Payment Process Completion to satisfy any commission charges.  The final cost of requested products, items and fees will be calculated and applied to the client’s account for the selected services request from the Bookings and Concierge Services Shop, or upon confirmation of 3rd party pricing or facilitation of special service requests. 

5. Costs adjustments will be invoiced to clients upon completion or Savings will be Credited to Client’s accounts accordingly.  Detailed Accounting and all Payment Services are provided by our Secretariat Offices – CDC Organization and will be made confidentially available for clients’ review. 

6. All other agreements, conditions and terms of use of the CarnivalHost Network and related services can be found in relevant pages listed under this TOS page heading.

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