Concierge Services Packages (CSP)

Carnival Hosting and Concierge Services Packages (CSP) include Reservation of Luxury and Economy Hotels, Guest Houses or Bed & Breakfast Room Rentals on your behalf for the short or medium term.  Buy Carnival Mas Costumes and Tickets to Trinidad and Tobago Carnival Shows and Concerts - Carnival King and Queen Show, Demanche gras, Calypso Kings and Queens, Panorama, Soca Monarch

Available CSP Services include:

  • On-call Transportation Services, Auto Rentals;
  • Personal and Private Security Support;
  • Carnival Event Tickets to Carnival All-Inclusive Fetes, Parties, Competitions or any requested event;
  • Carnival Costume procurement and customization services that caters to any last minute adjustments or customizations and eliminate any ‘fitting’ stress, including make-up and other support and assistance for your ‘days on the road’. 
  • Access to private facilities can also be made available for easy access in the Port of Spain Main Street Parade areas for added comfort and security.
  • Special Requests, Tours and additional services are provided for extended holiday activities.Register CSP Guest Concierge Service Packages

GETTING STARTEDsee CSP Packages and Registration Details here….
A.  Register for your preferred Membership Subscription Level: – Your Membership Subscription includes a service registration fee, with the remaining balances being held in escrow or deposit to off-set any 3rd party charges incurred on clients’ (your) behalf.  You can review available Concierge Service Packages (CSP) and Register your Selected Package:

B.  Registered CSP Members can then access their CSP Account Information where you can manage your Carnival Service Requests or select and reserve/book as required from our Event Booking and Concierge Services Shop, which provides estimated costs where possible for various services including Hotels, Transport, Auto Rentals and other amenities.

C.  All terms and conditions of use of the CarnivalHost Network Services can be found under our CSP Terms of Service (TOS)“Trinidad and Tobago Carnival Accommodations and Hosting Services – Hotel, Guest Houses, Bed and Breakfast at Capital Plaza, Trinidad Hyatt, Alicia’s House, Carnetta’s House, Cascadia Hotel, Ambassador Hotel, Holiday Inn, The Marriott, Chancellor Hotel, The Carlton and more.

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