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WALKING TOURS:¬† Ariapita Avenue –A great place to start any walking tour of Trinidad is a stroll along what is commonly known as, “The Avenue. Ariapita Avenue, the main street that runs through Woodbrook, Port of Spain in Trinidad, is often described as a smaller version of New York’s Greenwich Village. It extends from the Hasely Crawford Stadium in the west, to the ice factory in the east. This district has been laid out in a very orderly grid, so it is difficult to get lost. The walk will take you past some 20 restaurants. Between the diverse cuisine and the range of pricing, you can choose from fast food to fine dining. During Carnival, costumed bands march along this broad thoroughfare. The graceful character of the older buildings that only ascend two stories add an ambiance of Old World charm.

Walking Tour in Tobago

Try the five-mile walk from Roxborough to Parlatuvier and Bloody Bay through the Main Ridge Forest Reserve. Here you find limited traffic as you travel through forests that are home to many different species of birds including the famous humming birds. Here you will also find King’s Bay where you can swim and enjoy the scenic waterfalls.

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Bus ExcursionsVisit Trinidad and Tobago Eco-Tourism Parks, Bird Santuary and Nature Sites

If you want to tour like the natives, hop on one of their brightly painted maxi-taxis on well-paved routes spanning approximately 28 km from Port of Spain to Arima, called the Priority Bus Route is used almost exclusively for buses and maxi-taxis. In the case of the maxi-taxis, the operators have to have special passes to use this route. It is an easy and cost-efficient way to tour the East-West “Corridor” of Trinidad.

Driving Tours

Car rentals are available from rental companies at the airports or in the downtown areas. The highway network is efficient and connects Port of Spain in the north, to Arima in the east and San Fernando in the south. Remember to drive on the left and drive defensively since locals have a tendency to run red lights and neglect signaling. In Tobago, when you travel from Crown Point to Scarborough, the speed limit is only 30mph. Here the roads are very narrow and have a tendency to wind and turn. Always be on the look out for crossing animals.Visit Trinidad and Tobago Pitch Lake, Tourism Parks, Beaches and Historic Sites

A scenic drive in the hills of Trinidad will provide you with exciting vantage points to view the city, sea and mountains. If you travel up Lady Young Road about two miles from the Queen’s Park Savannah, you will reach a lookout point that is over 500 feet above sea level. Further up on Lady Chancellor Road you will be able to view the shrine of Our Lady of Laventille. By taking the Fort George Road as far as it will go, you will then need to walk about an hour to Fort George. From here you can continue on foot to the top of the hill, where there are spectacular vistas of Port of Spain; and on a clear day you can see Venezuela.

Tours and Taxis
The budget minded can travel inexpensively on shared-route taxis. The tour operators that are available can provide a number of eco-tours. Consider the Caroni Swamp, the Nariva Swamp, the hike to Paria or the Asa Wright Nature Centre for bird watching. Sailing, turtle watching, game fishing and boat charters can also be arranged by inquiring at the concierge or activities desk of your hotel.

A trip to Charlotteville on Tobago can be accommodated by a maxi-taxi. There are exhilarating views along the way from Scarborough, and the village is situated on a horseshoe bay and offers a splendid beach. From Charlotteville, it is a 15-minute walk to Pirate’s Bay, which is a great venue for snorkelling.

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